Vindication Brewing: Social Media

Vindication Brewing Company, in Boulder, crafts beer with an obsession for quality and with dedication to creating the cleanest most delicious beer. Their method of brewing, Brewtegrity®, is inspired by the 1516 German Law, Reinheitsgebot, or the law of beer purity. Vindication Brewing is built on a foundation of chemical-free brewing, and full disclosure of all ingredients.

As their copywriter, Cristina took charge of their Facebook presence, as well as their e-blasts.



E-mail Blasts—Vindication Brewing sends weekly e-mails. Below are links to one e-mail in each month:

Wed 3/21/2018
Wed 2/28/2018
Wed 1/31/2018
Wed 11/8/2017
Wed 10/11/2017
Wed 9/13/2017
Wed 8/9/2017
Wed 7/13/2017
Wed 6/7/2017
Wed 5/10/2017
Wed 4/5/2017
Wed 3/10 2017
Thu 2/16/2017
Thu 1/5/2017

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