SemiCab is a digital freight concierge. The SemiCab platform facilitates communication, enables collaboration, and brings transparency to the freight industry. By taking advantage of modern technology and advanced optimization techniques, SemiCab removes empty miles, generates new capacity, and shares the value created across the ecosystem. The result? Shippers pay less and carriers and drivers make more.

Cristina and her writing partner were tasked with creating the SemiCab website, blog posts, newsletters, and a variety of promotional materials. Access them below.


Website: Click 👈 to go to the website, or 👇 for a PDF of screenshots from the site.

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 5.50.42 PM


eBook: The Future of Long-Haul Trucking has Arrived

Introductory Video: Video used in Social Media with an overview on SemiCab and its many offerings.

Fact Sheet: You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.


Comparison Chart: Digital Freight VS SemiCab


For Blog posts, please go to the SemiCab Blog Post page to see all written posts.

Marketing Emails:
Blast 1
Blast 2
Blast 3
Blast 4


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