SemiCab Inc

SemiCab is a Collaborative Transportation Platform. The SemiCab platform facilitates communication, enables collaboration, and brings transparency to the freight industry. By taking advantage of modern technology and proprietary optimization techniques, SemiCab removes empty miles, generates new capacity, and shares the value created across the ecosystem. The result? Shippers pay less and carriers and drivers make more.

Cristina and her writing partner, Noelle Abarelli, were tasked with creating the SemiCab website, blog posts, newsletters, and a variety of promotional materials. Access them below.

SemiCab Website

The SemiCab website is constantly being updated with new content, like relevant news, blog posts, and resources. To see the most up to date content, visit the website directly. Or see below for a PDF of the site when it first went live in March of 2019.

SemiCab eBook: The Future of Long-Haul Trucking Has Arrived

SemiCab Introductory Video

SemiCab Shipper Fact Sheet

SemiCab Comparison Chart

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