Cristina Twigg — Copywriter

Daughter of a Brazilian Diplomat, born in DC, and having called 7 different countries home, Cristina Twigg (call her Twigg, please) is a copywriter who can generate results. It was her ability to manipulate words that got her noticed during her days as a receptionist sending out company-wide emails. Soon after, she was made Junior Copywriter and she’s been at it ever since.

Now, with over 10 years of copywriting experience under her belt, she’s written websites, launched new campaigns, built social media presence from nothing, written web/phone applications, and pitched TV commercial ideas (one deemed too “risky” by Pharmaceutical executives). She’s also written her fair share of blog posts, newsletters, and highly-technical video scripts.

Twigg’s an independent worker with excellent communication skills, who’s always eager to take on a new challenge. Pair that with a powerful imagination and an ability to foster camaraderie and team-love in the workplace, and you’ve got yourself a copywriter you can count on.

See below for the industries Twigg has written for to check out her portfolio—enjoy!